Sirenicide RIDDLE HUNT 2018

“I thought I had the _(HINT ON FACEBOOK)_ to see this though, but now that you are really here, I don’t know if I can. Maybe it’s the _(HINT ON TWITTER)_ night or the gleam in your eyes, because something I thought was buried is surfacing again… I mean it. Let them have this _(HINT ON INSTAGRAM)_ future with its Anathema flame. I just want the past again and I want it with you… you know, like when I was still a good man.”

Each of our social network pages listed above (Like & Follow while you are there) will have a riddle of their own, that if solved will give you the hint needed to fill in its corresponding blank in the 3 part riddle above. If you are a Sirenicide Donor (Patreon supporter or have donated to us through Pay-Pal) you can message us from that platform, for an extra hint on ONE blank above. Once you think you have it solved please email your proposed answers to and if they are right you are entered to win! If one or more is wrong we will let you know and you can try again!

So what do you win? Well here is the super list for the super fan!

  1. Any piece of art from our Art Gallery on signed and framed by the Creative Team.

  2. A $100.00 Amazon gift card.

  3. A Character to be written into a Season 4 episode based on your own idea. (Within reason)

  4. Two Sirenicide T-Shirts one RED and one Black. *Sized in either S, M, L or XL

  5. A classic, no longer in print, set of Sirenicide stickers.

  6. A small wooden box from "The Harvest of 1928" engraved with SIRENICIDE trademark and signed by the Creative team on the bottom. (It may or may not have an old bloody organ in it) ;)

  7. (Just added) A 447 Tumbler.

  8. (Just added) An unreleased select playlist from the show.

Contest starts August 7th, 2018 and ends on December 18th, 2018. All three answers must be correctly completed for the entry to Win. This is a global contest, no regency resections apply. Yes, we know the shipping might be crazy on this, but we don’t care. You have until January, 11TH 2019 to claim your prizes. Make sure you watch the Facebook Live stream or play the DEC 25TH off week Bonus Episode, to see if you won!

For questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact us at or join the Facebook group discussions at Sirenicide A Serialized Group
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