ICE16 - “Interesting… with Atticus Jackson” Part 2


ICE16 - “Interesting… with Atticus Jackson”

Johnny continues his interesting conversation with Atticus Jackson. They discuss lots and lots of Star Wars, like a whole lot. They also dive deep into the creation and back story of the good Dr. Layne Laughlin.

PART 2 -

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Atticus has Played:

Uncle Keller - S2E3 - "Uncle Keller"


Drew Davison - S2E10 - "Try The Soup" 

Derrick - ME7 - "Right Next To You"

Doug Oggie - ME12 - "Doogie" 

Keith Reiben - ME17 – “Little Wolf Moon” 

Dr. Laughlin - 3-1 "Revealed By Receding Water"

Jack's Mannequin - Dark Blue [Official Music Video]

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Booth Junkie - Mike DelGaudio

ME28 - "All Is Quiet On" -

ME33 – “A Hunted Jawbone” -

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