S3E1 - "Revealed By Receding Water"


In our Season 3 premier: Morston, TX and its surrounding areas have been devastated by three Category 5 hurricanes, Xavier, Yara and Zephon. However a much needed light for these dark times, has finally arrived...

This episode features our largest cast to date.  

Ronda D. - Christina Nicholls
Neal P. - Joshua Navarro
Amber B. - Amber Blake
Gladys N. - Lauren Turner
Landon F. - JB
Margret Sharpe - Amy Bowlin of Sirenicide
Ross M. - Kenneth Bryant
Mitch Placker - Dan LeFebvre of Based on a True Story Podcast
The Prophet - DF
Guy Stoner - Joe Mora of Sirenicide & Aeon Code
Stacy Giles - Jessica Perry of Vanilla Sugar
Pip Deknow - Adam Harris
Malak Husto - Duncan McPherson of Game of Microphones
Johnny Stitches of Sirenicide, Atrium Dynamics & Aeon Code
Eddie Vial of Sirenicide & Aeon Code
Dr. Laughlin - Atticus Jackson of Nosleep Podcast & Congeria
Mason Riggins - Joshua Navarro
Annie Oswald - Charlie Hoffman
Ryan Powers - Joshua Navarro
Claire Powers - Emma Ashworth
Lisa Powers - Amber Blake

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