Start binging from the Beginning

Season 1

Start at the beginning, with Season 1 Episodes 1-8 & Mini Episodes 1-7. Follow Matthew Finnis as he chronicles and unravels the dark secrets of Morston, TX. In this season you learn about key figures & factions, like:

  • Matthew Finns
  • Eddie Vial
  • Lena Kline
  • 447
  • Sirenicide & The USG

Season 2

Now dive deeper in the to the ever approaching anathema, with Season 2 Episodes 1-13 and Mini Episodes 8-21. In this season you learn even more about the evil uncovered in Season 1 with new, questions & revels on previous characters & factions, as well as new ones like:

  • Johnny Stitches
  • Harper Powers
  • Veema Bowing
  • Molly Needles
  • The RotandansThe Dark Elite

The ICEBox

Bouts Episodes and special content from the show's creators, like:

  • Reading reviews
  • Behind the scenes
  • Contest
  • Interviews
  • Spoiler discussions