S4E4 - “Bipartisan Agreement”


Sirenicide and Malak’s team put aside their differences and make plans to stop the D.E.A.D. Dr. Laughlin meets with Joey about a vision. Waylon & Jimmie investigate a mysterious lead. Malak and Juliana reflect on Johnny’s abilities. Theobald questions Doc’s physical state.


Adam Harris as Jimmie Hemorrhage

Amy Bowlin as Molly Needles

Jon Grilz as DOC

Atticus Jackson as Dr. Laughlin

Dominic James as Dr. Theobald Oswin

Bennett Steil as Emmett McNally

Mervin Ashworth as Harper Powers

Joe Mora as Joey Trauma

Johnny Stitches as Johnny Stitches

Christina Nicholls as Juliana Blaze

Duncan McPherson as Malak Husto

Eddie Vial as The Anathafiend

Waylon McKenzie as Waylon Mercury

Written by Johnny Stitches & Joe Mora

Produced by Christina Ashworth

Script Editing by Desdymona & Jessica McEvoy

Music by Hannah Philibert of Aeon Code

Artwork by Desdymona



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