Start binging from the Beginning

Season 1

Start at the beginning, with Season 1 Episodes 1-8 & Mini Episodes 1-7. Follow Matthew Finnis as he chronicles and unravels the dark secrets of Morston, TX. In this season you learn about key figures & factions, like:

  • Matthew Finns
  • Eddie Vial
  • Lena Kline
  • 447
  • Sirenicide & The USG

Season 2

Now dive deeper in the to the ever approaching anathema, with Season 2 Episodes 1-13 and Mini Episodes 8-21. In this season you learn even more about the evil uncovered in Season 1 with new, questions & revels on previous characters & factions, as well as new ones like:

  • Johnny Stitches
  • Harper Powers
  • Veema Bowing
  • Molly Needles
  • The RotandansThe Dark Elite

The ICEBox

Bouts Episodes and special content from the show's creators, like:

  • Reading reviews
  • Behind the scenes
  • Contest
  • Interviews
  • Spoiler discussions

The lena saga

Follow the story of one of The Show's most loved characters Lena Klein. She is voiced by Jessica McEvoy who is famous from The NoSleep Podcast. Lena's tale is interwoven with every season of Sirenicide. Below are the episodes she stars in or have events that impact her storyline. They are in order from S1E3 to the most current enrty. Jessica's Sirenicide ICE Interview is the last tile.